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About Admin LTE Vue.js Template

Admin LTE is a Vue.js  Admin control panel Template. It Developed with Vuejs 2.x front-end framework. node.jsAnd npm must be installed while working with this Template. npm version should be minimum 3.x.

[Note: Check this WordPress Dashboard Customization article, if you like to get enough resources on WP Admin modification. ]

Advantages of Vue.js

The first and foremost advantage is its file size. The total size of this framework is 18–21KB. For JavaScript framework size always matters. Though it’s the smallest one it can beat React.js, Angular.js.

Secondly, Vue.js structure is easy to understand for the Developers. Small or Large any type of project can be done with this and it saves a lot of time.

Third, Believe me, the Developers are documentation seeker. They love details documentation to build their first app. Here, Vue.js comes within details documentation. It’s easy for the Developer to read and copy necessary stuff.

Component List

  • VAAlert
  • VAButton
  • VACallout
  • VAChart
  • VAColorPaletteSet
  • VAModal
  • VACustomTabs
  • VAProgress Bar
  • VAAccordion
  • VACarousel
  • VAText
  • VAInput
  • VAInputGroup
  • VATextArea
  • VATextAreaGroup
  • VAFormGroup
  • VARadio
  • VASelect
  • VASlideItem

Widget List

  • Box
  • Calendar
  • ChatBox
  • DirectChat
  • DirectChatContact
  • DirectChatItem
  • InfoBox
  • QuickMail
  • SmallBox
  • SocialBox
  • SocialBox
  • SocialUser v1
  • SocialUser v2
  • TodoList
  • UserList

Layout List

  • Alert example
  • API example
  • Chart example
  • Dashboard v1
  • Dashboard v2
  • InfoBox example
  • Modal example
  • Widgets example
  • General page
  • Buttons page

Why Admin LTE best choice?

Most components are included within the Admin LTE Vue.js Template. For example, alert, button, callout, chart, tabs, accordion, carousel, etc are included. These kinds of stuff are enough to develop a new application. But if still, someone needs any extra components then it's easy to configure other scripts.

Widget the necessary things to Develop any application. Box, Calendar, Chat, Info, Mail, Social User, To do list, user list and some other extra widgets are Developed in this Template.

There is some pre-built layout. These layouts will help it's used to make anything without hassle. There are some Alert, API, Chart, Dashboard, InfoBox, Modal, Widgets, Button examples. These layouts can be copy paste and place anywhere in an app. So it makes the Development life easier.

Admin LTE Preview

Features in Details:

Multiple Dashboard Layout: Vue2 Admin LTE Template contains multiple Dashboard systems. It's just pre-built with other components. That doesn't mean you are stuck in the default Dashboard variation. Copy – Paste the components and you can arrange your dreamy Dashboard easily.

Vue2 Admin LTE Dashboard variation

Chart.js: Chart is the coolest way to showcase graph or statistics data in a colorful way. It's also easy to understand for all user. Explaining stuff in a Chart is a great idea instead of showcasing data in a table nowadays. Admin LTE comes with some prebuilt chart design that gonna help you every time to arrange pages.

Admin LTE Chart JS example

Widgets: The coolest and handy part of this Template. In the widget section, you will get tons of components. You don't need to build a general widget always while working. But you are free to Design especial widget which is necessary for your job.

Admin LTE Widgets

UI Elements: UI elements are everything to create a professional Page. In this section, there are Alerts, Callouts, Tabs, Custom Tabs, Progress bars, Carousel, Collapsible Accordion, Buttons etc.

Admin LTE UI components

Forms: This is the last feature we are going to talk about. You know better what is the use of Forms in the online world. From Collecting Emails to Contact each other maintain by Forms. Admin LTE covered most of all type of necessary form style which helps you to arrange simple to advance level forms.

Admin LTE Forms style

Vue2 Admin LTE Developed by developerjin