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Vue Element Admin is a solution for Front End Management. This Framework Developed with Vue.js and UI Toolkit Elements. You can easily Develop your large and complex single page Application with this. Everything stuck in the project file, which you need to build your app. No need to take help from any other third party scripts or plugins.

Vue.js is a growing JavaScript framework to develop any type of SPA. We have explained the reason behind, why you should use Vue.js before.

Highlight Features at a Glance

  • Login / Logout
  • Permission Authentication
    • Page permission
    • Directive permission
    • Two-step login
  • Multi-environment build
    • dev sit stage prod
  • Global Features
    • I18n
    • Multiple dynamic themes
    • Dynamic sidebar (supports multi-level routing)
    • Dynamic breadcrumb
    • Tags-view(Tab page Support right-click operation)
    • Svg Sprite
    • Mock data
    • Screenfull
    • Responsive Sidebar
  • Editor
    • Rich Text Editor
    • Markdown Editor
    • JSON Editor
  • Excel
    • Export Excel
    • Export zip
    • Upload Excel
    • Visualization Excel
  •  Table
    • Dynamic Table
    • Drag And Drop Table
    • Tree Table
    • Inline Edit Table
  • Error Page
    • 401
    • 404
  • Components
    • Avatar Upload
    • Back To Top
    • Drag Dialog
    • Drag Kanban
    • Drag List
    • SplitPane
    • Dropzone
    • Sticky
    • CountTo
  • Advanced Example
  • Error Log
  • Dashboard
  • Guide Page
  • ECharts
  • Clipboard
  • Markdown to html

Features in Details:

Guide: Some complex App needs to explain “How it works” process. Guide system helps here to showcase each and every step by step guide.

vue element admin guide

Permission system: By default, the Template added Editor and Admin as Demo. But if you need more roles in your admin dashboard then this system allow you to arrange it. It will help you to arrange the dashboard and layout fora different role in different style.

vue element admin permission system

Components: There are 3 type of editor named Tinymce, Markdown and JSON. Splitpane is a system where you can add different part and output something in your desired part. For example, Codepen system stands on Splitpane. Avater upload, Dropzone, Sticky menu, BackToTop, Dnd List are also some important components for Dashboard template.

vue element admin components sections

Charts: Three different type of charts are pre built on this Template. Keyboard Chart, Line Chart and Mix Chart. The color combination and animation effects can be customized while you will start working with this template.

vue element admin chart

Table: I know most of all Free or Premium Template contains Table section. But this one contain something special for your use. Dynamic table, Drag Table, Inline Edit, Tree Table, Custom Tree Table, Complex Table are integrated here. Table export system is good enough to collect data in your local pc from a server.

Excel & Zip: Excel file is the most important things for backup data from admin panel. These framework allow you to upload your Excel file or Download data from Application. Not only Excel but it configured ZIP file backup system.

Vue Element Admin Developed By panjiachen