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Create Your Application In A Stunning Way With Severny Bootstrap Admin Lite Template Now!

If you’re looking for a perfect bootstrap 4 based dashboard template that comes with stunning design and easy customization, then Severny is there for you.

This is a clean coded and completely responsive HTML admin template. Severny integrates the CSS framework Bootstrap 4 and modular design. Good thing is, you will get all Bootstrap elements. Besides, the template regenerates various plugins to develop a uniform layout. A standard layout will help you to use it for your backend apps and products.

Severny Admin Template comes with a modern design that helps a user to customize and create applications as per his preference.

Severny is built in Bootstrap 4 responsive framework.

The Severny comes with a unique and stylish design that will please your eyes at once. There are many steadfast page templates and gorgeous dashboard options.

What are the basic Functions of the Severny Dashboard Admin Template?

This particular template includes all the basic functionalities and responsive pages.

Besides, you will get a lot of icons, different page templates, nice UI components. One can use these functions for his subsequent projects even with a minimum expense.

Severny is based on the bootstrap 4 frameworks accompanying Sass base CSS. To know how Severny does wonders in your app-building experience, proceed below.

What Are The Functionalities Of Free Severny  Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template Version?

Severny Dashboard Admin Template is a great Bootstrap 4 admin template even in the free version. It is equipped with a lot of exclusive features.

It will be the right option for you in creating your desired application. If you want to know why then just have a look at the below remarks.

Features Highlights:

  • 7 ready Page Templates
  • 10 beautiful UI Components
  • Integrates different Plugins
  • Free lifetime updates available 
  • Ready-to-use widgets
  • 2 Forms available 
  • 3 Table examples available 
  • 100+ Font icons included 
  • 1-2 Chart options
  • Built-in Sass base CSS 
  • 4.1.3 Bootstrap version

What is the Vuejs specialty: lifetime updates and dedicated support

Choosing a Vuejs’s template, you are free to build your desired application for your project. We offer you a free download, live demo, free lifetime update, and overall all-out dedicated support. Vuejs has a dedicated support team at your service anytime to solve your issues. So, never hesitate to take Vuejs support and if you love any template, waste no time to make a purchase. 

Why Use SevernyDashboard Admin Template Made Of Vue Js?

Vuejs comes with a progressive framework to help you create the user interface. 

6 Color Options Available 

There are 6 pre-defined color options ready to use. 

Colored or Dark or Light Sidebar

You may choose from these options to get a suitable sidebar. 

150+ Page Templates

150+ ready Pages template to give you a vast opportunity to choose from.

300+ UI Components

Over 300 unique and beautiful UI Components will meet your project. 

Tons of Widgets

Tons of widgets are added so that your project can be built in a limitless way.

Built-in Bootstrap 4

Vueminify dashboard admin template is developed by the most recent Bootstrap 4 Framework. 

2000+ Font Icons

Equipped with over 2000 Pro Font Icons. 

100% Responsive

Vueminify template is 100% responsive with Bootstrap Framework. 

Tons of Table Examples

Tons of table examples are added so that your project can be built in a limitless way.

Easily Customizable 

You can customize the template very easily.  

Multiple Chart Options

Equipped with multiple chart options.

Multiple File Uploads available 

Multiple files can be uploaded with one click. 

Validation Forms

Validation forms are available in this Vueminify template. 

eCommerce Pages

Having an eCommerce company, you have nothing to worry about. 

Calendar Design

Comes with Calendar application with Vueminify template. 

Gallery Options

A beautiful gallery option that will display your products. 

Ready to Use Pages and UI Components

A lot of ready to use pages & components. 

Severny All Features By Category:


  • 4+ Different Dashboards
  • 5 Demos Available 
  • 5+ Ready-made App Designs
  • Stunning Design 
  • Latest RTL Version 
  • Limitless Color Options 
  • Excellent Landing Page (Free $18)
  • Dark and Light Color Options 
  • 500+ Pages
  • 500+ UI Elements 
  • Tons of Widgets
  • Bootstrap 4 
  • 3000+ Fonts Icons
  • 100% Responsive pages
  • SaSS Based CSS
  • Simply customizable 
  • Multiple Charts
  • Multi-File Upload
  • Tons of Table Illustrations
  • Validation Forms
  • Data Table in CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Megamenu Ready
  • Lightbox Available 
  • Summernote


  • Chat Application (New)
  • Support Ticket (New)
  • Calendar (New)
  • Task Board Application (New)
  • Contact Application
  • Email Application

UI Elements

  • Card with blockUI (New)
  • Buttons
  • Sweat alert
  • Typography
  • Grid
  • Tabs
  • Stylish Tabs (New)
  • User Cards (New)
  • Modals
  • Progress Bars
  • Notifications
  • Carousel
  • List & Media object (New)
  • Timeline
  • Horizontal Timeline (New)
  • Nestable
  • NouiSlider (New)
  • Bootstrap UI


  • Forms Input
  • Input Groups
  • Input Grid
  • Checkboxes & Radios
  • Bootstrap Touchspin
  • Bootstrap Switch
  • Select2
  • Dual Listbox
  • Basic Forms
  • Form Horizontal
  • Form Actions
  • Row Separator
  • Form Bordered
  • Striped Rows
  • Form Detail
  • Paginator
  • Image Cropper
  • Dropzone
  • Form Mask
  • Form Typehead
  • Bootstrap Validation
  • Custom Validation
  • Form Colorpicker
  • Form Datetimepicker
  • Form Bootstrap Rangepicker
  • Form Bootstrap Datepicker
  • Form Material Datepicker
  • Ck Editor
  • Quill Editor
  • Summernote Editor
  • Tinymce Editor
  • Form Wizard
  • Form Repeater

Other Pages

  • Treeview (New)
  • Search Result (New)
  • Utility Classes (New)
  • Custom Scroll (New)
  • Login Page
  • Login page v2 (New)
  • Animations (New)
  • Profile
  • Invoice
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Pricing
  • Register
  • Register V2 (New)
  • 3 Step Registration (New)
  • Recover Password
  • Lock Screen
  • Error 400
  • Error 403
  • Error 404
  • Error 500
  • Error 503


  • Flot Charts
  • Morris Chart
  • Chart-js
  • Peity Charts
  • Sparkline charts
  • Knob charts (New)
  • Extra Charts


  • Basic Tables
  • Table layouts (New)
  • Data Table
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Responsive Tables
  • Editable Tables
  • FooTables
  • JsGrid Tables


  • Font awesome
  • Themify Icons
  • Simple line Icons
  • Linea Icons
  • Weather Icons

Additional Features

  • Google Map Integration 
  • Vector Map Integration

Excellent Multi-Level Dropdown

  • Log out Option
  • Great Support
  • Good Documentation
  • Stylish Gallery
  • FAQ Option

Overall, if you want a fresh and clean dashboard template for your backend project, then you should choose this template with no hesitation. 

Best Wishes!