Mega Bundle - 4 Templates, Save 95%

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Quasar Vue.js Template is one of the best choice for Mobile App. Its developed for mobile user and 100% responsive. It’s perfect for mobile doesn’t mean that it’s can’t deliver best look in laptop or large screen device. We have tested the look in our different mobile device and got outstanding performance. It has some built in special pages and forms which are necessary for any type of App project.

We believe that there are some people who especially needs admin App for the mobile Device. This is the best option for those people who needs Dashboard for the mobile user.

It can easily integrated with any type of mobile. The desktop look also perfect but some effect and text overlap. It can be fixed via responsive CSS code.

Let’s talk in details about the Template in the following features:

Login Style: The login style is very modern and provides super visual look. It has different type of variation. In the demo you will notice different color, Button, Transparency option. Test it before you decide to work with the Template.

quasar Admin Login system

Dashboard Details: The dashboard is short and simple. It has counter, Graph, Income – Expense calculation, Todo list. There are different type of graph style and each item can be implement multiple times here.

quasar Dashboard one

Forms: It helps to collect data. At first there are find and Edit option then Embedded validation and at last Advance Form One. Advance Form help you to find your desired list and edit it.

quasar Advanced Form one

Pricing Page: There are both vertical and horizontal pricing system. Different color and different variation make it easy to customize for any type of Dashboard App.

quasar pricing page

Drag and Drop: One of the popular feature for creating ToDo list and also for selling bulk product. It has configured bulk product drag and drop system too.

quasar Drag and Drop system

Data Table: The Data table helps to arrange categorized product or anything in a table. Columns can be hide dynamically too.  The image hide by default but when you hover on the image icon, it will shows the original picture.

quasar Data Table arrange