Mega Bundle - 4 Templates, Save 95%

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This Free Admin Panel Template Developed with Bootstrap 4. It’s the best selection for colorful Dashboard lover. There are pre-built color gradient option, Statistics, UI Elements, Icons, Forms, Charts, and Tables. It’s easy to work with CSS preprocessor Sass for better Development.

The Template crafted for Mini Dashboard App owner. You may miss some complex option here which is necessary to built complex Dashboard.

Why this Free Admin Template?

Most of the Dashboard Template comes with Dark, Light version. But if you want something unique then you should try this one. Not only the Design but also it has a well-written code. Present your complex data in a simplified version to your members. It’s free doesn’t mean it can’t satisfy you. It can easily beat any other premium Dashboard.

Purple Admin Dashboard Template

UI Elements: There are Buttons and Typography within this section. But in button you will get tons of variation like Gradient, Rounded, Outlined, Single Color, Inverse. Also, there are iconic buttons too for social media or other web icons.

Purple Admin Buttons

Icons: 1000+ Web icons are stacked within the Template. Any type of icon like Social media, Video, Web, Tools etc is available.

Forms: You will see the basic form here. If you want to integrate this with advanced form or Wizard form then I recommend you to use any other script to handle this.

Chart: Chart.js used here. Here you will see how to play wisely with transparent row & area. There are Line, Bar, Area, Doughnut, Pie and Scatter Chart available for your use.

Purple Admin Charts

Tables: Store your necessary data via Table. There is some variation for the table like Basic, Hoverable, Striped, Bordered, Inverse and Table with contextual Classes. No advance table like drag and drop table are not added here. Better you should try any table plugin to configure this.

Pages: There are 5 pages built for your future use. The pages are Blank Page, Login, Register, 404, 500. Blank page contains the sidebar and header part only. You can put anything there without breaking the dashboard layout.

Purple Admin Register Page