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Nixon is a free bootstrap admin dashboard template built using HTML, CSS and Javascript that you can use to power your application. Despite being a free html dashboard template, it has quality design. There is a good mix of colors and fonts which makes it attractive. The layout is spacious which gives your users the ,much needed space.

Nixon comes packed with a lot of features thatwill help you premium looking dashboard. This handcrafted template includes three page templates to help you add the essential areas to your dashboard. You’ll also find 11 UI components for adding useful content to your pages, including sweet alert, nestable, portlets, nestables and todos.

Nixon Admin also provides you with a good selection of icons to help you illustrate your dashboard designs. As they’re all mobile responsive, like the rest of your dashboard, these icons will look great on a range of devices and screen sizes.

Nixon Admin Html Dashboard Template Download

There is an Invoice section too that can help if you’re building a vendor application that would need a Invoice module. Nixon comes with a lot of components that you can add to make your dashboard. Some of the options include order list, menu, order progress and todo list. There are also sliders that can be filtered. You can easily add a range of buttons, card styles, forms, switches, and tabs to your admin dashboard. Themify Icons mean you’be lots of options to choose from when it comes to icons.

If you like the look of Nixon Admin, but need more features and want to use it on a commercial project, then be sure to check out Nixon Admin Pro.

In this following comparison it showcase only those features which available in Pro version only. But all basic and necessary sections and widgets are added in both free and pro version. Pro is for advance development and we provide dedicated support for Premium user.

  • Features
  • 2 Dashboard Layouts
  • Special Items For Restaurants
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Additional Widget Items
  • List Group
  • Panels
  • Progress Bar
  • Tab
  • Wells
  • Bar Rating
  • jRate
  • ChartJs
  • Peity Charts
  • Sparkle Charts
  • Knob Charts
  • Basic Table
  • Advance Table Formats
  • Free Support
  • Pay 10$ For Support