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Each and every Admin Template has their own specialty. While making a super and highly professional Dashboard or App, you should select multiple Template to copy components. In this Template, you will get a super navigation system for your Dashboard. We guaranty that no other template provide as cool navigation system as it has.

Except for the Nav system, it has some pre-built components too. For example, There are Table, Tree, Forms options.

The navigation system too smooth that any other Template can’t beat it. We recommend user to use Electron nav style if anyone likes smooth and nested Dashboard menu.

This is not a fully functional Admin Template like Arbano and Basix Vue.js Template. But for the Developer it’s easy to clone different section from other Template in a brand new Dashboard Website.

Login System: While checking the demo you will see the login page first. To check out the demo you need to put anything in the username and password field.

Table: Table is the most important part for Dashboard or App. Generally we use Table to showcase different information or Data. The table part of Electron is simple with 6 column.

Electron Table Page

Forms: Forms are the best option to grab data from different users or visitors. In this Form you will see Zone, Date picker, Time picker specially. You can copy date and time picker for any other purpose too.

Electron Form Page

Nested: One of the super feature of Electron Template. Nested Nav menu sometime seems very important for a Dashboard. This Template arranged this smoothly. Take a look at the following gif image and it will make sense.

Electron Vue Free Template

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