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About Arbano PRO VueJS Template

Arbano is beautiful and feature-rich admin dashboard template built using Bootstrap and Vue.js. Arbano will help you develop top-notch and feature-rich dashboard in no time. All you need is a basic understanding of JavaScript and usage of some tools like

Arbano comes in two color shades – dark version and light version. Both the version are quite attractive due to its beautiful typography and soft color combination. Apart from that, the template boasts of the correct combination of positive and negative design. The negative or whitespace has been used appropriately so as to not to make the template crowded while keeping all the features intact.

The micro negative spaces between the different components have been perfectly blended. This is not an easy task for an admin template but the template authors have done a tremendous work by measuring the paddings and margins delicately for all devices.

Simplicity is one of the key features of this template. Arbano Vue JS Admin template is one of the most creative works of ours where we combine all the important design components together using the Vuejs framework and its different plugins.

Arbano VueJS Template Pro Light Version

We have strived to maintain the two important C’s of design – Clarity and Consistency throughout the template. We have made sure that the layout and the different components fit together in the template beautifully. We have added all helpful descriptions to the template so that the design remains clear to anyone using it. To help you get started we have also included some important pages like SignUp, Login and Error Pages. There is also a documentation within the theme for easy perusal. If you read it with attention and deploy the necessary environment, installing and using this theme to build your admin dashboard should be a breeze.

Installation and Configuration

Download or Clone Install Arbano from Github Repository. Follow these commands –

npm install
git clone [email protected]:litonarefin/arbano.git
cd arbano
npm run dev


50+ Customizable UI Components

Features in brief of Arbano VueJS Admin Template

  • Recent Bootstrap and VueJS version
  • Built with Vue-CLI to generate components on the fly
  • Built with SCSS
  • 5000+ Icons
  • Chart.js – Line Chart, Bar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Pie Chart, Polar Area Chart
  • 60+ Widgets
  • 80+ Components
  • Advanced Google Maps Integrations- Google Maps, Bubble Maps, Leaflet Maps, Line Maps
  • Nested Routing with Components Name
  • Developer friendly code
  • Animated Progress Bar and Vue Progress Bars
  • Blazing Fast and LightWeight
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Fully Customizable
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Completely Modular! Every Single Element hasitss own module

Bootstrap: It is one of the most popular frameworks for developing mobile and web applications. We use Bootstrap 4 which is the most modern version of Bootstrap and the most popular framework for HTML, CSS and Javascript framework. It has many new components, faster stylesheet, and more responsiveness.

VueCLI 3: Vue CLI 3 is a utility tool that provides your Vue JS Project with instant access to the best build tools from the front end universe that fits in seamlessly and allows easy configuration. Vue CLI 3 has easy plugin based architecture in which project configuration is siloed in independent plugins.

VueJs: VueJs – VueJs is a Javascript framework that is rapidly gaining popularity due to the numerous advantages it offers to developers. Despite it being the lightest in size (only 18-21KB) it beats all other frameworks including the bulky React.js in speed. Vue.Js is also popular because it facilitates easy integration with other applications easily as it has all important components. And due to its MVVM architecture it is quite easy to handle HTML blocks.

WebPack: It is a module bundler which bundles various components like JS files and other Vue components. So, with webpack only the modules which are required on the current page are loaded. Using webpack also add nice organizational structure to your files.

If you want help to install this template, read our VueJs Installation Guide. We have written a detailed tutorial on how to install VueJs template on your server or local machine.

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