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Top 10 Famous Enterprises Using Vue.js Framework

January 7, 2021 - By 
Enterprises Using Vue .js framework

Having basic knowledge about JavaScript, you must know that Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Let’s inspire by checking some popular Enterprises Using Vue.js Framework.

It is often called one of the “Big 3” of JavaScript frameworks. The interesting fact about Vue.js that you may not have heard is,  many famous companies all over the world choose this framework.

To tell you the truth, Vue.js is most suitable for bigger enterprises. This JavaScript framework offers simple switching. Plus, one can just begin with Vue and rock on with huge functions and components. In this way, an enterprise will be able to start its journey without much stress.

A short overview of Vue.js

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that creates interactive web interfaces and applications. Vue.js  offers reactive data binding as well as composable view elements with a natural API.

Yet, Vue.js is not a fully developed framework. Rather, this framework focuses on just a view layer. So, Vue.js helps to choose from and intermix with other archives or occurring projects. Even, if you want to get decent tooling and supporting libraries, Vue.js comes in handy to make Single-Page Applications as well.

10 Enterprises Using Vue.js Framework For Their Website

Today, we have come with a collection of 10 enterprises using the Vue.js framework that you may not have heard yet!

10. Nintendo

Nintendo has been built by Vue.js for several portions of their web preview. Earlier, few versions of their regional websites in Europe were created by Vue.js.

Besides, Nintendo uses this framework for its self-sufficient parts such as the My Nintendo network.

9. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is made with the Vue.js framework to showcase excellent products. This is an e-commerce site that is based on Vue.js and Nuxt!

This enterprise comes with top-class creations in Its products.

8. Google Careers

Google’s Career Platform has made their employment site:

Vue.js framework works great on this website as well.

7. Adobe

Adobe is made with the Vue.js framework to manage numerous projects. To display a creative work platform, Adobe comes with Behance.

Behance is a member of Adobe. This is a stunning online program for displaying and finding out a creative task. On this website,  creative works are uploaded to cover in a wide and worthwhile way. This several enterprises review their job to be done and find a skilled employee.


BMW! A dream of million people. They have built a car configurator using the Vue.js framework.

One can design a leading driving machine by choosing his desired model, interior, exterior, detail assortments, and appliances.

BMW USA incorporates a car configurator with Vue.js.

The platform offers you to make the most desired BMW as per your requirements.

5. Namecheap

Namecheap is not only powered by the React.js framework but also using Vue.js for some major parts of this. Namecheap hosting services landing page integrates these two JavaScript frameworks concurrently.

In addition to this, Namecheap has a free logo maker app fully developed by Vue.js.

4. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is the world’s most powerful company review website. It is entirely made by the Vue.js framework.

As the name implies, the enterprise works by bringing people and companies in a platform to make better experiences for all.

3. Upwork

Upwork, the massive freelancing site, uses the Vue.js framework for some categories of it.

For example, it shows the resume of freelancers in particular classifications.

2. Bilibili

Bilibili is a video sharing site in China. The platform is also called the “B station”. This is the video-sharing place where you can enjoy watching as well as commenting on videos concurrently with others. It shows a great feature, named “bullet comments”. By this, any user can comment and others can read the comments while watching.

Thus, it has become a great community platform for video watching. Bilibili mainly concentrates on comics, anime, and games.

1. SwiftUI Apple

Apple made its Apple SwiftUI Tutorials site using Vue.js.

Now, it can be hoped that will also come with the Vue framework.

Final Verdict

This article may have astonished you that there are a lot of famous enterprises using the Vue.js framework for their websites and applications. It clarifies that the Vue framework is being popular for developing and delivering web solutions faster.

So, if you have an enterprise or platform, and if you need to use a JavaScript framework, then don’t think twice before choosing any Vue.js help for your project. Best wishes for the Vue experience.


Top 10 Best Vue Open Source Projects for 2021

December 23, 2020 - By 
Vuejs open Source Projects

Today, in our article, we will review the best Vue Open Source Projects for upcoming 2021. Let us know some of the very trending, popular, and useful Vue open source projects.

Our listing consists of the best supportive tools and libraries for you. These tools will help you to grow and contribute to the Vue.js projects. And frankly speaking, we not only compile the UI components as most others do. As a bonus, you will get other tools, plugins, and libraries in our Vue blog.

We’d like to specify their advantages, documentation, suggestions as well as contribution guides. Let’s get started with the most useful and well-developed Vue open source projects. 


The very first Vue open source project on our list is Pagekit. It’s an open-source CMS.  Pagekit is made by Vue.js and Symphony system. As the content management system is modular,  then one will have the opportunity to develop the components progressively. 

Again, this open-source project has an MIT license. Therefore, you can customize, share, as well as rearrange it without any limits. 

It can be said that Pagekit comes with all the helpful features for web developers. Overall, it has fair ORM, sectional architecture, as well as package management. 

What’s more, this system comes with a debug toolbar. It will help you to observe its action, database queries, routing, as well as debugging inner functions. Besides, a developer will be able to utilize CLI to get system updates, set up or uninstall plugins as well as empty the trash.  

Furthermore, you can fix bugs, expand the components. And, luckily for the beginners, it offers a 24/7 chat and forum.

Most important thing is, Pagekit comes with every essential functionality for the content management system:

  • Customizable Analytics dashboard with the website performance
  • Site content editing page
  • Built-in blog
  • HTML and Markdown editor
  • File manager
  • User roles administration.

After all, Pagekit is a tremendous option to begin a developer’s journey to the open-source world. So, it can be claimed as the best Vue Open Source Projects for beginners.  


VuePress is the next Vue open source project that comes on our list is, Vue-powered static site generator. If you create your site with VuePress, You will get the VueRouter, Vue, as well as the webpack working parallel to your website. 

Earlier, VuePress started its journey as a publisher of technical documentation. Now, VuePress comes with a fresh, compact, and strong headless content management system(CMS). One can compose his content in Markdown with the open-source project. 

Another great thing is, you will get a nice assistance handbook including an understandable workflow. Besides, it offers 300+ active contributors to help users. Overall, we can say that VuePress is a great pick for any developer to begin with open-source projects.

Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is a great web app that handles eCommerce platforms. This open-source project can secure nearly all eCommerce backends. The project operates headless architecture. 

Here, it incorporates famous BigCommerce platforms. For example, Magento, Shopware, and so on.  

To tell you about the benefits of this project, first of all, it’s mobile-first. Plus, it has Server-Side Rendering that works great for search engine optimization. Again, there is an offline mode. So, you can work offline. 

Vue Storefront already gathered a wide community. That is, there are nearly 2000 developers in Slack. Plus, more than 180 active contributors are contributing continuously. As there is such a well-rounded team, you can hope to get a straightforward roadmap. Thus, contributors can select a mission as he prefers to do it. That is to say, Vue Storefront is such a fascinating open source project to contribute. Overall, Vue Storefront can be considered as one of the best Vue Open Source Projects for contributing to e-commerce platforms. 


Vuegg is an open-source project that helps you to accomplish your  Vue.js projects. You can do it just by dragging and dropping the elements instantly to the visual editor and reestablishing those as per your requirements. It is to say that, Vuegg helps you to integrate formulating and developing one individual process.

Notable Features:

  • Mockup/prototype by dragging-dropping components and moving/resizing them
  • Support for standard Mouse and Keyboard combinations
  • Responsive preview 
  • A basic set of HTML5 elements
  • Material design components 
  • Vuejs sources generation 

After all, it can be said that this open-source project incorporates a sharp roadmap that one can get immediately in Github. However, Vuegg doesn’t have any contribution guide. Because it is comparatively a new and work-in-process project. Though, you will get enough flexibility to open any problems and PR.


Gridsome is another open-source projects option out there. Yet, this project is comparable to VuePress. Still, Gridsome incorporates some unique and strong approach to manage data sources. This project lets the user utilize various types of data in your application. Then, you can unify these data in a GraphQL panel. Usually, this project manipulates Vue for front-end features as well as GraphQL for managing all data. 

This project works in the following procedures: Your provided contents of Markdown, JSON, YAML, or CVS data formats are turned into a GraphQL layer. GraphQL layer includes centralized data management. Work with these data to make an application with Vue. 

This open-source project also comes with a sharp roadmap with a supportive contribution guide. Overall, Gridsome is a great option to contribute.


Vuetify is a UI component that comes with a massive collection of components. It offers more than 80+ components. All are established on the Material Design representation. Good thing is, this open-source project helps the users with all benefits of Vue.js and Material. Vuetify supports RTL and Vue CLI-3.

Plus, the components are firmly developed and you will get clear examples of these. Vuetify integrates Vue’s Server-Side Rendering. Moreover, it is compatible with every recent browser. However, it supports the IE11 and Safari 9+ browsers as well. What’s more, the framework offers pre-prepared project scaffolding. Accordingly, a user will be able to create his Vue.js app by just giving a single command.

The project offers a wide collection of components. For example: 

  • Buttons
  • Inputs
  • Cards
  • Carousels
  • Tables
  • Lists.

Another great thing is, Vuetify includes a broad community. They have more than 500 contributors. The contributors have made plenty of Vuetify plugins. After all, it can be said that this is a great open-source: well-documented, contribution guide, and overall issue management. One thing to notify you are, it’s a bit tough to contribute to the project as it is already huge.


Buefy is a great handy UI component for Vue.js rooted in Bulma. The open-source project comes with two main themes: 

One is, it keeps things natural and lightweight. Though the Buffy includes only 40+ components, it offers great ready-made, mobile-ready as well as responsive UI components.

Notable Features:

  • Supports both Material Design Icons and FontAwesome
  • Lightweight
  • No internal dependencies apart from Vue and Bulma
  • Around 88KB min+gzip
  • Semantic code output.

Vue Material

This is another lightweight and a straightforward open-source project. Vue Material is made with the Google Material Design specifications. The project includes more than 56 components to create various kinds of layouts. Offering well-set documentation, Vue Material will support you with a wide variety of components based on Google Material Design approaches. Good thing is, the design is compatible with all screens and modern browsers. 

That is to say, Vue Material is such a great option if you love UI projects. Overall, it comes with a complete roadmap, contributing manual, well documentation as well as changelog. 


If you are looking for private music streaming applications that are customizable as per your requirements. Koel appears in Vue as the client-side and Laravel on the back-end. This open-source project targets web developers. It offers plenty of current web technologies to function perfectly. To give examples of some of the technologies, we can list:

  • Flexbox
  • Audio and drag-and-drop API

Koel is very famous on Github. There are 52 contributors to this application project. Though you will get no narrated contribution guide here, the things one needs to solve an issue are written on Github by the writers. Moreover, you will get a chance to fund the Koel application through Opencollective.

Overall, you will love this project while enjoying a streaming service. That means, if any developers love music and wish to improve their Vue skills concurrently, then there is Koel for them.


If you want to build universal applications like server-rendered applications, single-page apps, advanced web apps, the Nuxt is a good option out there. Or, if you just want to use a toolkit as a static site generator, Nuxt will help you as well. 

There are more than 50 modules within this project. And as it is modular, you’re welcome to use just the required modules for your application. All in all, this toolkit eases your pressure of composing and optimizing your application. 

Notable Features:

  • Natural transpilation and bundling 
  • Hot code reloading
  • Server-side rendering
  • Easy configuration with a nuxt.config.js file
  • Code splitting for all pages.
  • Customizable structures with the directory

Another important thing we should let you know is, Nuxt has been playing a vital role in the Vue development with numbers of contributors as well as a broad community. Thus, you will love to select the project to contribute to and develop your skills.

Wrap UP!

Overall, we have just reviewed the best Vue open source projects in several categories. As you once read it carefully, you can now choose which one you need. 

And always please keep some factors in mind before choosing. Check which one has better documentation and contribution guide as per your requirements. 

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