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Advantages of Vue.js | Vue.js vs React vs Angular.js

September 19, 2018 - By 
Vue.js vs React.js

According to The State of JavaScript 2017 survey, about 48% of the developers want to use Vuejs and 20% of it already used it so far. And what is most important about it 90% of developers dipped their toes in vuejs already to use for its future projects. As of today it is #1 in terms of popularity among the most popular javascript framework on Github.

So, the question is what makes Vue.js so popular with the developers? There are some obvious advantages of using vuejs over other library files. I will share few of the advantages of Vue over other javascript frameworks. It’s getting popular day by day and let’s take a look at the following stats of traffic which Vuejs official website grab per month.

Advantages of Vue.js

For many of you who don’t know what is before let me begin with a bit of introduction of what is Vue? Vue.js is a progressive javascript that is used to build User Interface(UI). Basically, it is used to build the view layer of the web application or web page. It has gained much popularity among the developers in a short span of time. It is used among individuals as well as enterprise level.

vuejs interest over time graph

Now, let’s discuss some Advantages of Vue.js

Very small size

One of the advantages of Vue is its small size. Its size lies between 18KB-21KB which is very small, anyone can download it and use it. It is popular over other javascript framework based on its size. The smaller the size the more user likely to use it. It has a small size so it doesn’t mean it has less speed instead it overcomes the other bulky framework like angular.js, react.js etc.

Easy to understand and Develop Application

Developers like it because of its easiness to understand it’s code. Anyone who knows a little bit about HTML, CSS, and Javascript can understand it and develop its own application. Developers use it to develop a web application or web page. It’s really helpful for those who want to avoid coding as it uses less code. Users can develop both the small as well as large scale of the template through the framework. Any error occurs the users easily find the block of error because of its simple structure.

Vue.js vs React.js

They both have many things in common like they both use Virtual DOM which makes them faster, but the difference lies in the language of code. React.js uses JSX whereas Vue.js uses pure javascript. React.js is a library file so it has big size compare to Vue.

Vue.js vs React.js

Vue.js vs Angular.js

Vue and Angular are both important frameworks of javascript and they have things in common like they both use transcript so the main difference between these two frameworks lies Angular. js uses regular DOM which makes it’s slower while Vue uses Virtual DOM which makes it faster.

Vue.js vs Angular.js

Simple Integration

Vue facilitates the developers to integrate it into their web application. It is so simple that you can integrate it to your web application and develop a new web application or pre-existing application. This is because it is built in javascript framework and have a capability to integrate into other application that built on javascript framework. It has a smaller size so you can run it easily from browsers. Developers integrate it for development purpose.

Detailed Documentation

One of the good thing about Vue is it has Detailed Documentation. Developers like the frameworks which have detailed document in order to create its first application. Vue documentation is very comprehensive and easy to understand for beginners who wanted to learn Vue. It’s document include various coding examples. Magnificent documentation of Vue.js helps any users who know a little bit about HTML & Javascript can able to develop its own application.


It facilitates a great deal of flexibility to the developers. With Vue, you can create an app very in no time and runs directly from the browser or you can build complicate application using ES6, JSX, components, routing, bundling etc. Through Vue, you can build complex as well as simple application. You can handle any type of application that was built in javascript through Vue. It allows you to create a complex template as well as a simple one. As its smaller in size, it takes less time to compare to others. Developers prefer to use Vue as compare to others because of its flexibility. It gives a freedom to structure your application in a way based on your choice.

Two-way communication

It facilitates developers two-way communication with the help of MVVM(Middle View View-Middle) architecture which makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks. In this regard, it is very close to Angular.js which also speed up the HTML blocks.

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